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Mini iPad components cost about $ 188

ipad mini negro Los componentes del iPad Mini cuestan unos 188$

The Mini iPad was released last Friday and it seems that by the time the sales are still really good. There is no official figure, but the queues in shops and delayed shipments from the Apple Store Online seem indicate that Apple's initial forecasts are met.

The iPad Mini lacks some features that we all thought he would not be wanting, such as the Retina display. Apple had to defend its pricing policy on several occasions and at all times claimed that the profit margin in selling this product is lower than in any other of those found in their catalog.

The components of each iPad Mini will cost Apple about $ 188

As usual when Apple launches a new product, has appeared among the first Exploded iPad Mini which have estimated the total price of the components that make up the tablet and it seems that Apple was not lying. According to IHS iSupple, materials for making each iPad 16GB WiFi Mini costs $ 188.

Apple sells the iPad Mini to $ 329, which would leave a profit margin of $ 141 per tablet, but we think it really is less as there would be added costs of distribution, research, advertising and other costs added to production device ...

When compared with other products of the company, we see that for example the iPhone 5 costs about the same amount produced instead sold $ 650. In the case of the iPad 3 manufacturing price is about $ 316, and its retail price is $ 499.

despiece ipad mini Los componentes del iPad Mini cuestan unos 188$

With these data in hand, we can see that Apple really is making so much money with the IPad Mini as it does with its other products, also taking into account the amounts that would be impossible to see Apple sell for between 199 and 250 dollars without losing money on each unit sold.

In addition, this report helps explain why Apple has not included a Retina display in the new iPad Mini. IHS found that the panel of 1024 × 768 pixels which mounts the iPad Mini is the most expensive part of the product with a price of about $ 80.

It will be interesting to see how it behaves the iPad Mini in the market. Obviously Apple is hoping to offset the lower margins with higher sales volumes, but will have to see if Apple is able to get a steady pace of sales in the coming months.

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