Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Microsoft updates its application for Xbox My Xbox Live SmartGlass

Already announced long ago that Microsoft was planning to get the service SmartGlass for different mobile platforms, Windows being the first one. Luckily we have not had to wait long for him since he left, so SmartGlass now available for iOS, as its old application update My Xbox Live .

This facelift has great sentiado the application, allowing some compromises on style of Windows 7 I had and completely adapted to what we're used to seeing on the menu on the Xbox itself.

Of course we can still access the functions of the old application, as avatars, friends, messages, achievements, etc, as well as the ability to control the console from our own iPhone or iPad, so the new system is the inclusion SmartGlass which will allow us, in the content adjusted to it, using our device as a second display to what we are doing in the console, such as a map to play a game, about an artist to listen to a song or extra information watch a movie.

For now necessary that the developers and other companies empiezen to generate content, but the idea can give much play, as his presentation.

Implementation is still free and is compatible with both iPhone / iPod Touch as with iPad.

Xbox SmartGlass

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