Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Microsoft clarifies the storage requirements of Surface

comprador Surface Microsoft aclara los requisitos de almacenamiento de Surface

A few days ago we learned that the operating system that powers the Microsoft Surface tablet, along with some applications that come installed by default, eat lots of storage space on Microsoft's tablet. Yesterday, the software giant released a support document that attempts to clarify the exact storage requirements needed by the Surface. Turns out the RT model 32GB Surface leaves users with only 16 GB of usable storage space and the operating system (Windows RT) and Office applications preloaded consume a whopping 16 GB. Using the term "whopping" because we must not forget that the Surface is a mobile device, not a desktop PC.

The truth is that for those who have grown up with operating systems from Redmond is something not too surprising, since both Windows and Office have always been resource hogs. However, when you buy a 32GB tablet expect, at least, have a useful storage space of 30 GB.

According to the FAQ that appears in the box has the Microsoft Surface, the amount of storage space to provide users right out your tablet is as follows:

  • The 32GB version will have about 16 GB of free space on the hard disk.
  • The 64 GB will have about 46 GB of free space on the hard disk.

The Microsoft Surface has no 16GB model, now we know why. The FAQ also appears this note:

"However, all this storage space is available for your music, pictures, videos and other content.

Part of the hard drive is used Surface for embedded applications and Windows features that can help protect and restore the things stored in your Surface. "

The truth is it can be a nasty surprise for those who buy the device without first reading the warnings of the box. I do not think anyone will grace your device then provide half of storage than advertised.

On the other hand the Surface is a plus that can solve this issue, is that available memory card slot microSD, microSDHC or microSDXC and a USB port supporting up to 64 GB of additional storage, but only serves to store music, documents, videos and photos, but not applications.

opciones almacenaje surface rt Microsoft aclara los requisitos de almacenamiento de Surface

Another option: Use SkyDrive, the storage system in the Microsoft cloud.

And changing the subject, you have some videos where you can see some features of Microsoft Surface star.

Touch and Type Cover

Connection Ports

Size comparison between the Surface and the iPad

What do you think the Microsoft Surface? I just installed this morning on Windows 8 on my PC and the truth, after seeing it in operation, the first thing I thought is that a tablet has to work wonders. Furthermore, the sheath Microsoft created seems a pass.

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