Friday, November 9, 2012

Like Apple design categories of the AppStore to Home

appstore 1 Apple igual el diseño de las categorías de la AppStore a la portada

Apple continues to test design changes from the AppStore. The latest news is that Apple has changed the design of the categories to apply the same principle to the main page of the app store. So, when you enter a category, Apple offers recommendations for applications with large images, small banner in the middle and groups like that Essential New or updated once a week.

Apple changed the design of the categories of the AppStore to be similar to home

So far, the categories of the AppStore did not share the same design as the cover, but now looks like it will. This change will help developers to make their applications, as Apple can thus promote more different categories.

It seems pretty clear that the growth of the AppStore in the coming months or years will be in large part to the intervention of the people. The tops do not end automatically generated den convince users and are easily manipulated, something not so easy when a person decides to highlight and what not. Editor's elections, collections of applications and the design are getting points AppStore make something a little better.

Collections of applications are now available from the iPhone menu categories, although in the case of the iPad are not yet, but surely it's only a matter of time. These collections are necessary aids to find applications, such as the original kit called apps where you can find applications recommended for a person just getting started with your first iPhone. Definitely something very interesting for the future.

When it seems the developers are happy to see that Apple is doing "healing" of apps, ie it seems that with these developments around the world will be happy. Promoted by developers see their apps if they deserve it and users can find interesting apps more easily.

appstore 2 Apple igual el diseño de las categorías de la AppStore a la portada

Still, some developers say they are not so happy with the categories in the app store, since it is these will never get the level of traffic and visibility that does have the main page of the AppStore. We'll see what Apple can do to fix this perception.

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