Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lightning Cable short for your iPhone 5

A new feature I liked least about the iPhone 5 is the adapter Lightning, is very small, allows smaller devices ... so now, but I have at home accessories stop serving, docks, speakers, cables for car, etc. And to top Lightning accessories are more expensive.

Now you can get a short cable to carry around like a keychain through Crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The cable is less than 10 inches in length and can take it along with your keys to recharge or sync your iPhone at any time via USB. His name is Nomad.


Curiously price, have started selling in just $ 5 with shipping costs included den, but as you make more sales its price rises, is currently $ 20 , and can be up to $ 30 if the project respaldas soon.


If you have not bought before Kickstarter should know that when you buy something you are helping the foundation of the company, ie not with instant, can help us pay for equipment and research needed to make it, and you will get it later.

The price you pay is always less than you'll find in stores once retail starts. That is, you'll be among the first to have it and get it cheaper, although not immediately, you will have to wait weeks or months depending on the product.

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Link - Nomad

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