Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lead times are reduced from iPhone 5

iphone5 Los tiempos de entrega del iPhone 5 se reducen

The launch of the iPhone 5 has been the most chaotic that Apple has had. Reservation system of the web has been disappointing and only a fortunate few could be done with a free terminal in the early days since it went on sale.

Fortunately, time has passed, the initial demand has almost completely covered and the production of iPhone 5 begins to equate to sales levels. We can see this reflected in the online Apple Store as dispatch times have been reduced from four weeks to two weeks.

If you're considering purchasing an iPhone 5 these days, it is best to wait a day since November 23 > pple held on Black Friday and is likely to see a small reduction in devices and accessories, something interesting considering that the iPhone 5 takes very little time in the market.

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