Saturday, November 10, 2012

KOLOS, the first voltante to play on iPad

volante kolos ipad KOLOS, el primer voltante para jugar en el iPad

We have seen a number of gamepads built for iOS devices through the years, but had never seen a flyer to play with the iPad. In fact, KOLOS developers say it is the first of its kind that hits the market.

The KOLOS table is a flyer that cradles the iPad and uses your accelerometer to give you a more realistic gaming experience when playing titles like Real Racing Car or Need For Speed.

The KOLOS engages the iPad with a single padded clip adheres to virtually any table or desk with his grappling base. The steering wheel is also separated from its base with a single click, to carry comfortably.

The steering wheel is made ​​of a rubber coating with anti-perspirant technology, which means it does not slip in your hands after a while of playing, and the base is made ​​of high quality plastic foil.

The KOLOS still not for sale. The developers say that is ready for production, but being used to finance a system called IndieGoGo (similar to Kickstarter) to raise funds to start production. If you are interested, an additional $ 50 will secure the wheel, and with $ 85 you can buy the whole package, including base and clamp.

The truth is that it is an accessory that seems pretty expensive. We may in the future be a valuable accessory, as they appear more games that can be played on Apple TV using AirPlay. Of course this is an accessory that we've only seen on consoles.

What do you think of KOLOS?

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