Friday, November 30, 2012

Is iPad Mini the perfect gift for Christmas?

In a study recently conducted by Nielsen, 36% of children 6 to 12 years said they most wanted gift for Christmas was an iPad Mini.

ipad mini9 ¿Es el iPad Mini el regalo perfecto para estas navidades?

Adults and older consumers aged 13, also had a desire to have an iPad Mini and up to 11% placed the iPad Mini in the top ten most desired gifts to be festive season.

The iPad Mini is one of the perfect gifts for Christmas

There is a very good reason why the iPad Mini is so high on the wish lists of many people. This is a small, portable and a perfect size to use with one hand and take it around with you. It weighs only 308 grams and has 7.2 mm of thickness.

Although the price is a little higher than its direct competition, the iPad Mini offers a larger screen, a high quality camera and a battery more powerful than its competition. In addition, the iPad Mini has something for now is impossible to find in other options like Google Nexus 7 or Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Apple's App Store and the entire ecosystem of content from Apple.

The App Store has over 700,000 apps available, and all are compatible with the iPad Mini. Moreover many of them are designed for use on a tablet , which does not happen with stores competing applications. In the list of applications available there for everyone and there are plenty of games that are not available for other platforms. In addition, the catalog of music, movies and books Apple is really extensive and complete.

Of course, the iPad Mini is not a perfect device and could be better. Given that Apple products launched in recent times, are missing a high-definition Retina screen.

So it seems clear that the iPad Mini is a great gift for Christmas. You can choose to give away some toys that will be forgotten within a few weeks or give away an iPad Mini to be a hit for many months or years.

ipad mini blanco8 ¿Es el iPad Mini el regalo perfecto para estas navidades?

Another option to value and take into account, especially if money is not an impediment is the iPad 4. This is a device with a larger screen and high definition, as well as having much more power than other devices and even the iPad Mini. Of course, the starting price is a little higher, but we also think it's a much more complete device, but heavier and less portable.

The iPad Mini is a great gift and I'm sure anyone who receives one will be happy with it (except maybe Android fans). Of course, if you're thinking of giving an iPad Mini this Christmas, hurry to buy it, because the stock may suffer breakage at any time and be difficult to find available units.

Do you plan to give away an iPad Mini this Christmas? Who?

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