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iPhone or iPad as a device to "control" our home

casa conectada iPhone o iPad como dispositivos para controlar nuestro hogar

For many who feel a great attraction for technology to have a home automation system is a dream. Unfortunately, many of the possibilities of home automation requiring high investment and installation works and not everyone can access it.

Luckily, gradually there are certain aspects that previously seemed unreal that have been "democratized" and today it is possible that many of us can access them. Smartphones have played a very important role in this regard and as you will imagine the iPhone, iPad and especially iOS, represent some of the devices that give us greater opportunities in this regard.

Pay TV on iPhone

Until recently, the only way to enjoy TV content from different providers payment was to be home and have a decoder. Today it is possible to enjoy the pay-TV, from anywhere. This is entirely logical, since you really are paying a fee to enjoy it and be confined to her home is not right.

SlingPlayer applications like in the U.S. or Yomvi in ​​Spain (in the case of Digital +) access to television contracts directly from an iPhone or iPad, simply installing an application and identifying ourselves as owners of a television contract with them. Definitely something very interesting.

Check house lights from an iPhone

With products such as light bulbs and Philips Hue can control home bulbs directly from an iPhone application. These bulbs, and allows turn on and off from the smartphone, also allow us to choose different shades of lighting and even colors.

With inventions like this, you no longer need out of bed to turn off the kitchen light was turned on to us. No need to have a switch right next to the bed, we can do it remotely from your iPhone in a very comfortable and it is extremely easy to install.

Control heating

The Nest thermostat is on sale at the Apple Online Store and Apple has invested tremendously strong for him. This is a different thermostat, a thermostat with a spectacular design that looks great in most homes.

The iPhone app allows you to control the temperature of a house from anywhere in the world, as if you were in front of the device. Furthermore, this device helps to save electricity, thanks to a series of improvements in the temperature measurement system.

Remote home monitoring

Wireless cameras are another application of technology to the home. Today it is possible to install a video camera at home and access images from anywhere in the world. You may even talk at one point through our phone with a person who is in front of the camera.

Ideal for monitoring a home or an office, but can also be an interesting option to install in a room where a baby sleeps and keep an eye when we are in the next room. We might even get to talk through the camera to be quiet.

Remote control of music

itunes remote iPhone o iPad como dispositivos para controlar nuestro hogar

Perhaps one of the areas where Apple has bet more. The Tandem formed by the iPhone and iTunes is perfect. It has long been possible to control music playback on a computer with iTunes on an iPhone with the Remote app. Very comfortable in certain circumstances.

Besides this, the iPhone or iPad have AirPlay function. A function to send music stored on one of these devices, completely wirelessly to a compatible player. For example, there are speakers with this feature and we can make a song play on an iPhone and listen to one of these speakers without any problem.

What lies ahead

It is difficult to guess what the future will bring us closer, but the truth is that Apple and its iOS devices have greatly facilitated certain posibiilidades that just a few years ago were unthinkable.

There is no reason to believe that this trend will stop now. In the future we will surely see more integration and, who knows, maybe until we see what we have in the fridge through an iPhone application, and perhaps we could automatically make a shopping list (or order via Internet ).

The possibilities are endless, I wish to continue exploiting the field and in the future we see more and more applications.

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