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IPadizate Shopping Guide iPad (Late 2012)

ipad mini apple store Guía iPadizate de Compras iPad (Finales 2012)

IPad Shopping Guide - Finals 2012

There are lots of things to consider when it comes to buying one of the new iPad Mini, iPad 4 or any other tablet on the market. The first thing is to decide what we need or want a tablet and once you decide it is important to decide whether we need is an iPad or another tablet we serve. We think the iPad is the best tablet that exists today, but for many people one of the other tablets on the market that would be more than enough. If we decide that the iPad is the ideal, then get to choose which model to buy (iPad Mini, iPad 2 or iPad 4), color (black and silver or black and slate), storage capacity (16GB, 32GB or 64GB) and connectivity (WiFi or WiFi + LTE). And in case you already have a previous iPad What we do with him when we get the new one?

If you need help to decide on either model of iPad, perhaps this little guide to help buyers to decide on either option.

iPad Mini, iPad 4 or other iPad What should I choose?

tron ipad Guía iPadizate de Compras iPad (Finales 2012)

The fact that Apple has released the new iPad Mini and iPad 4 does not mean we have to run to the shops to buy it like crazy if we already have one of the above. You may say this from a specialized on iPad is a bit crazy, but that's and is a great example of that is not always necessary to have the latest model available. Perhaps the model that we have is more than enough and we can wait until next year to see how the market and buy a better option, if any.

Instead, if we want a change and want something thinner, easier to use, more portable and most of the time I use to consume content, the iPad Mini is the perfect device. If you need all this, but we also need a larger screen and more power the iPad 4 would be the ideal device.

When should you buy an iPad? Do you now or wait?

neo ipad Guía iPadizate de Compras iPad (Finales 2012)

Once we have decided to buy an iPad, you may ask what is the ideal time to buy. Apple tends to release new iPad every year, although there is no exact date and may vary from year to year. So if we want to be sure that there will be an update within two weeks we should buy now that have just launched the new version or wait until the release of the next generation.

In 2010, Apple launched the iPad in the spring, summer an iPhone and an iPod Touch in autumn. From now on we do not know what will happen, because this year Apple has released an iPad, an iPad Mini, a new iPhone and iPod between spring and autumn.

The conclusion is, buy when needed. Always make new models and if we ever hope to decide to buy. If you need one, comprémoslo when needed. If you do not need it and it's a treat maybe we could wait until the release of a new generation to buy it.

What to choose? iPad 2 vs 4 vs iPad Mini iPad

batman ipad Guía iPadizate de Compras iPad (Finales 2012)

It depends on our needs. If we look for a device to access social networks, browse the Internet, watch videos and just over the iPad 2 could be the perfect device. If in addition, we also want to be a lightweight, portable, and we can come up maybe we should always opt for an iPad Mini.

But if we look a very powerful device that allows us to run any game here several years, enjoy content, play HD movies and has a stunning screen quality our choice should clearly opt for the iPad 4 (Fourth generation).

IPad 4 or iPad? Mini in white or black?

ipad pul fiction Guía iPadizate de Compras iPad (Finales 2012)

With the arrival of the new iPhone 4 and iPad Mini color choice remains a problem for many. It is assumed that the black color is much more elegant and also helps us to focus more on what is displayed by the black bands around the screen. Moreover, white is much more attractive and many people seem nicer and just as useful Which of the two to choose? Well here depends on the tastes that each have.

What storage choose? 16GB, 32GB or 64GB

capacidad ipad Guía iPadizate de Compras iPad (Finales 2012)

Both the iPad and the iPad Mini 4 are available in three different capacities: 32, 16 and 64GB and each step increases the price by about $ 100. Running out of space to save a few euros is not good, but neither is paying more for a capacity not going to use.

How many want to take photos and videos on the device? How many want to install applications and games? How many series and songs are going to take on the iPad? Before choosing either option, we need to ask these questions and discuss the decision, it will not be possible to change the capacity in the future.

The cloud storage is an option, but not always have access to an internet connection and in the case of mobile Internet, the rates usually include a transfer limit pretty minimal, so it is good to think about what we really need.

Where to buy? Apple Store or other stores

gandalf ipad mini Guía iPadizate de Compras iPad (Finales 2012)

Now that you know what the iPad that we must decide where we are going to buy. I buy where you buy the iPad will be exactly the same, but the customer can change a lot from one place to another.

  • Apple Store: if you have an Apple Store nearby, we can go to the store and come out with the iPad under his arm. They offer assistance in the purchase and even help us to configure the new device if you want completely free. In addition, in the shops you can buy apparel and accessories such as the Apple Care extended warranty. They also have Genius Bar, where we might go in the future if we have problems with the device. The bad part is that there is never discounted, but the customer service is incredibly good.
  • Apple Store Online: if we have no Apple Store nearby, we can use the Apple Online Store is available in many countries. No discounts, but again we are dealing directly with Apple. If you have problem, the customer service is very good.
  • Distributors, operators and department stores: if we want an iPad, but we have an Apple Store nearby, we can use external distributors. We choose to go to the store of our mobile operator and maybe they sell the tablet associated with any data rate (would be the LTE version) and approach but any department store, where surely also sell the tablet. Furthermore, rehash that in some of these establishments can get discounts through membership cards and the like. Normally the customer service is not as good and in case of problems, we have to fight ourselves pretty or contact with Apple.

These are just some of the tips that anyone should follow when to opt for one of the available models of iPad. We must be realistic and see what really fits what we're looking for. Otherwise we might realize later that you buy something that exceeds our needs or falls short and can not help it, at least not without having to checkout to buy another model.

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