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Internet 3.0 in Alicante Congress next November 23

internet 30 1 Congreso Internet 3.0 en Alicante el próximo 23 de Noviembre

Internet 3.0, an event focused on Online Marketing

Luis Villanueva organizes the event in Alicante Internet 3.0. A Congress that you can train you on issues of particular interest if you want to boost your online business. Social Media, Internet and Online Marketing will be the pillars of the papers to which you can attend. In this fantastic opportunity you will have the opportunity to meet many of the professionals that enable the projects in which they ride. In Internet 3.0 will hear presentations by people as important as Chema Alonso and Javier Gosende, but will also have the opportunity to meet our boss, the creator of iPadizate, Daniel Peris.

internet 30 2 498x650 Congreso Internet 3.0 en Alicante el próximo 23 de Noviembre

The event is organized on 23 and 24 November in the Cultural Hall of the Cam, Alicante. The venue is one of the best of Alicante for organizing such conferences, next to yacht club, one minute from Puerto de Alicante, two minutes and three minutes from the center of the Mall Panoramis. The site was chosen by the possibilities of capacity, more than 500 people, where you can enjoy high-speed WiFi and a large comfortable armchairs among other advantages.

internet 30 3 466x350 Congreso Internet 3.0 en Alicante el próximo 23 de Noviembre

The program is very well structured and will base on four pillars: Social Networks, Online Marketing, Online and Internet Crisis. Also be exhibited online success stories as if to interview iPadizaté and professionals who are experts in the field. You will also have a chance to talk to all the issues that are of interest in the cafes of rest or during meals in the Regatta Club.

internet 30 4 Congreso Internet 3.0 en Alicante el próximo 23 de Noviembre

You can buy tickets directly from here and find prices for all budgets set in which include meals or even be close to the speakers in order to expose a case closely. What luck! Even Daniel Peris you can meet and exchange views with our boss. Prices range from basic and you have 75 € to 159 € if you want VIP entry. Internet 3.0 is a conference not to be missed because it is a unique opportunity to train you in something that can really boost your business, you can even reach you inspiration if you know the tools you have. Plus you'll find a large number of industry professionals such as: Chema Alonso, Javier Megias, Miguel Lopez, Oscar del Santo, Javier Gosende, Francisco Paez, Susana Lluna, Pablo Sanchez, Luis M. Villanueva, Beatriz Navarro, Francisco Lopez, Julia Alonso, Fabian Lopez, Julio Vicedo and of course with our boss Daniel Peris.

If you've always had a project and want to make the leap and shaping it into an Internet Web 3.0 open your mind, because the Internet is constantly changing and we can observe daily. Besides assessing success stories you will see practical examples, you'll get good tips and strategies . Networking can make and meet new people important sector that you can talk and draw your own impressions, and who knows where that spark. They also will participate in the draws to be held during the Congress Internet 3.0, all benefits is not it, not to be missed.

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