Thursday, November 1, 2012

Inside the iPad Mini, uncovered

The first iPad Mini are already reaching hands of the bloggers, and that means that soon we will have hundreds of analysis detailing the particulars of the new object of desire of Apple.

One of the most interesting things when you get a new device for technology lovers, is to see the removal of the same, in order to investigate their bowels. This is ensured by a professional team like iFixit. Right now, they are performing the operation and are updating their web slowly with some photos and videos.

interior ipad mini El interior del iPad Mini, al descubierto

The first conclusion we can draw is the amount of detail that has the new Apple tablet, which makes us think that their manipulation by inexperienced users will be very difficult. However, we say that it appears that Apple has included some indications that aim to facilitate their arrangement in case of accident.

interior ipad mini 2 534x350 El interior del iPad Mini, al descubierto

To separate the two main parts of the iPad Mini, the first thing to do is to heat an area of the interior, so that melt adhesive that holds the device. Then you have to carefully pry to not skip any parts.

interior ipad mini 3 498x350 El interior del iPad Mini, al descubierto

It has been found also that the 7.9-inch tablet Apple has two stereo speakers. The connector Lightning, meanwhile, was soldered to the motherboard. This prevents someone comes to trying to change it to any of the above connectors lifetime.

What note gets the iPad Mini in iFixit repairability scale? As has released a 2 out of 10, which is pretty low. That is why we recommend you not try any on your own. You can find more photos as they become performing disassembly on site iFixit .

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