Thursday, November 8, 2012

Increase the availability of the iPhone 5 and anticipates big sales

How many of you have an iPhone 5? And how many of you are waiting until you get a little pissed about the delays and availability problems?

Many know that during October have been questions about whether the manufacturers of the new Apple smartphone would be able to meet the demand for it. Apparently, Foxconn and other Asian companies were having problems due to the complex assembly and manufacturing system of the iPhone 5. Have they solved?

Today we get an information from a Wall Street analyst, who has told its investors that the situation has improved since the early days of the launch. This is Shaw Wu, an analyst at Stern Agee, who has made some interesting facts.

iphone 5 disponibilidad ventas 193x350 Aumenta la disponibilidad del iPhone 5 y se prevén grandes ventas

In addition, the company predicts that Apple will sell 46.5 million iPhone 5 in the fourth quarter, nearly double what it has been sent to the stores from which went on sale last September.

Some publications make clear that the delivery delay is not due to lack of parts in the supply chain, but bugs and last minute complications in the assembly. In fact, Foxconn has admitted he never found a device that difficult to assemble.

Did Apple has reached a technological level that you are throwing stones on their own roof, unable to keep the rate of sale of their products? Repercussions? Delays in the production line in the image that consumers have of apple company? Sales this Christmas promises to be spectacular, but we will look to confirm the predictions.

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