Monday, November 5, 2012

In iOS 6.1 Siri allow us to buy movie tickets

entradas siri En iOS 6.1 Siri nos permitir√° comprar entradas para el cine

If you have iOS 6 on your iOS devices and ask Siri for movies that are in the film, you see a list of all that's close to your position.

In iOS 6.1, which is currently in beta, developers have seen that Siri will be able to show films in theaters there, and also give us the opportunity to buy the tickets for attending the session we choose.

The system is still limited since not all up to Siri. Purchasing tickets is through Fandango, application opens automatically once we clicked the buy button. Failure to have the application installed, iOS will ask us if we download it on our device. Viewing this limitation, this mechanism may not be available to buy in all countries.

There is still no date for the departure of iOS 6.1 but will inform you of your progress and developments as they emerge.

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Source - AppAdvice

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