Friday, November 2, 2012

iMind Games, a puzzle game that will test

 iMind Games, un juego de puzzles que te pondrĂ¡ a prueba

Puzzle games for iPhone and iPad have a great success with the public. Which we present today, iMind Games, is out of the norm to which we are accustomed with the use of different puzzles that must be solved each way.

A little explanation at the beginning of each level (in English), will give us a little hint of what we have to do. From there we were alone to try to discover what we have to do. I already anticipate that the puzzles are not anything simple. If we get stuck, it is possible to jump a hundred times that level by pressing the button in the upper left corner.

In the video you can have then how to solve some of the puzzles that we have to face:

Click here to watch video

Although there is a paid version, you can test the iMind Free Games on your iPhone or iPad (it's a universal app), downloading the game from the link you have below:

[App 549111373]

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