Monday, November 19, 2012

IMessages, iTunes Match and FaceTime return to falls

imessages iMessages, iTunes Match y FaceTime vuelven a sufrir caĆ­das

If in the last few hours have been problems with any services directly related to iCloud, do not break my head asking what happens because it has happened again. Just two weeks ago we reported a fall in IMessages and now we have to re-emphasize a general fall in the following services from Apple: iTunes Match, IMessages and FaceTime.

During the last 24 hours, users from around the world experienced in frustration as their messages were not sent IMessages. Nor could access their music libraries in iTunes Match or make FaceTime calls. Right now it seems that the services have started working again and correctly, but there are still some problems with iMessage.

Once again, Apple remains silent on the matter and does not report the causes of constant crashes in iCloud.

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