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i-CaseBoard, Turn your iPad into a 9.7-inch Macbook

icaseboard ipad 1 i CaseBoard, Convierte tu iPad en un Macbook de 9,7 pulgadas

The new i-CaseBoard is an accessory that will surprise you. Compatible with iPad 2, 3 and 4, i-CaseBoard is a stand for your iPad keyboard accompanied by a high quality and complemented with a 4000mAh battery, a large set that allows you to turn your Apple tablet into a fantastic Macbook of 9 , 7 inches. The product comes perfectly packaged and upon opening the box we find our i-CaseBoard well protected. When removed and put in our hands appreciate a nice touch, made of aluminum and high quality plastics that make the product has a very low weight. The rear cover supports the iPad and can protect against scratches but thanks to the holes we just use all the buttons, even a hole is prepared to take the camera back.

i-Caseboard for iPad

i-CaseBoard has tight measures offering much in too little space, occupies only 24.7 x 19.5 x 2.2 cm. In addition the manufacturer claims a battery life of 80 hours if you use it on an ongoing basis and 25 days in power saving mode and a charging time of 4 to 5 hours to complete the keyboard battery.

icaseboard ipad 2 i CaseBoard, Convierte tu iPad en un Macbook de 9,7 pulgadas

The i-CaseBoard keyboard uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology and connect with your iPad you will be very simple. Moreover, thanks to the battery of 4000mA and USB DC Out port which includes the keyboard you can recharge your iPad while you use it. The iCaseBoard includes MicroUSB DC In port from which you can charge the battery of the set!

icaseboard ipad 31 i CaseBoard, Convierte tu iPad en un Macbook de 9,7 pulgadas

i-CaseBoard keyboard is fully prepared for Spain and so demonstrate their keys, including the letter Ñ. You can write your mails and write in any application with a lot of ease. The keyboard works even when your iPad is locked and you can get the access code or pin your sim card without touching the screen.

icaseboard ipad 4 i CaseBoard, Convierte tu iPad en un Macbook de 9,7 pulgadas

Thanks to this great keyboard you can select what you want on the screen just by pressing SHIFT and moving the cursor. You can also use many shortcuts as you would use on your Mac to copy, cut and paste. Besides the i-CaseBoard has full integration with any iOS and you will like the fluidity of use.

icaseboard ipad 5 i CaseBoard, Convierte tu iPad en un Macbook de 9,7 pulgadas

Here's the video of i-Caseboard for iPad:

i-CaseBoard is a great accessory if you write a lot with your iPad and one of his best assets is as everything comes completely in Spanish, box, instructions and keyboard with 'N'. It is amazing to see how it fits perfectly on the back cover and as each match in the gaps with the buttons of the iPad. In addition to the benefits that we have told, the i-CaseBoard includes a first row of keys that are some shortcuts you'll love, including: raising and lowering the brightness of the screen, directly access your Player library Music can give the play, pause or change songs. You can also raise and lower the volume and best of all, includes a Home button as you have on your iPad!

The i-CaseBoard accessory is lowered! Its price, which is normally € 79.95, now € 49.95!

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