Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Home automation controlled from an iPad

domotica ipad Casa domótica controlada desde un iPad

For many years the home automation is among us, but in recent years is catching a lot more. Prices have fallen some fairly automation components and popularization of smartphones makes all carry in his pocket a device able to control certain components of our house if we install home automation systems.

Home automation is popularized thanks to iPad

The possibilities of home automation without incredible. Since opening our door remotely and can see who is at the door through a camera connected to the Internet, the ability to control the lighting of a particular part of the house being in another. Everything is possible and still expensive though not so much as it was before and it seems that in the coming years this technology will continue to drop in price.

In the video that accompanies these lines we can see the house of Savan Kotecha. He is a composer and music producer and works in the popular TV show X Factor, and is a fan of Apple devices in his own words. Thanks to his work make much money and wanted to invest about $ 80,000 to improve and modernize its 2,400 square foot house in West Hollywood (California) and install different automation components.

Savan is able to control most of your home from your iPad. The company has made the installation is called Crestron and thanks to the iPad app can control lights, music, pool or security cameras to name a few.

It is true that not everyone can afford to spend $ 80,000 on an installation of this type, but gradually we are seeing products that allow us to do this kind of thing at a much more affordable and accessible to many pockets, which makes some years was completely unthinkable.

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