Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Here Nokia, Nokia maps that you can download from the App Store

nokia here Nokia Here, los mapas de Nokia que ya pueden descargarse en la App Store

I think by now we all know how little success they have had in iOS Apple maps 6. Users are still waiting for a version of Google Maps could renewed very soon (if Apple decides to approve it) but in the meantime, we can test the new Nokia location service: HERE.

The application has been optimized for the iPhone 5 adapting its interface to the four-inch screen. For location, HERE Nokia uses the same technology that is present in NAVTEQ many vehicle navigation systems.

People who have already installed has reviews for all tastes. There are areas covered to perfection but have also been detected malfunctions when calculating routes, roads and streets incomplete, we, the typical problems of these applications.

It is best to try it yourself and decide if Nokia HERE is a real alternative to Apple's maps or your usual GPS application.

[App 577430143]

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