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GOW Trainer, a complete package to manage your activity

Screen Shot 2012 11 02 at 6.02.36 PM GOW Trainer, un pack completo para controlar tu actividad física

GOW Trainer is one of those accessories that give a firm step towards the future and commitment to technology 'smart clothes' (devices that we wear). This is a pack, designed by the Spanish company Weartech, which allows us to maintain our physical activity controlled. A perfect companion for when we go out running, cycling or even when we go to the gym.

The pack includes a shirt with sensors (available for male / female in varying sizes and colors), a lightweight device that hooks to the garment and a free application that you can find in the App Store. By connecting the device to your shirt, your application will automatically detect cardiac activity and calories burned. No need to configure anything.

From GOW application can create a profile to store all your data on the online platform. The following video shows all the capabilities of this website:

Click here to watch video

The application is configurable for when you're out in the gym or at home, when we're running, we're riding a bike or in an open environment. GOW lets you set your goals: how long you plan to take exercise or calories that you burn. At the same time keeps your stored music or any application you have on your iPhone. The wizard application that integrates voice will keep you abreast of your progress and let you know when you reach your goal.

A complete package that must be present in the house of a sport lover. It is compatible with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. It is available on the official website of the product by 120 euros.

Source- GOW Trainer

542141851 GOW Trainer, un pack completo para controlar tu actividad física GOW
Developer: Wearable Information Technologies SL
Price: free (Download application)

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