Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Google may be working on an alternative to AirPlay

 Google podrĂ­a estar trabajando en una alternativa a AirPlay

The good thing is that there is always competition technological advances that benefit the end user. For several years it is possible to enjoy AirPlay, a wireless protocol created by Apple that allows you to send multimedia content to Apple TV (and other devices) wirelessly. Obviously, this is a system that works well but is limited to the Apple ecosystem.

These days people are talking about on the net that Google could be working actively with other companies to offer something similar to AirPlay but come already integrated television series also wants to improve the concept by creating a bidirectional channel that allows developers to use the device as a second display to enhance the experience while visualizing content.

Not yet known for certain whether this project will go forward but considering that the success rate of the search engine company is very high, we expect to be launched soon. Whatever is good for the user, go ahead.

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