Friday, November 23, 2012

Google complains that Apple has not shown the code of iOS 6 and Mountain Lion

google apple Google se queja de que Apple no le ha mostrado el código de iOS 6 y de Mountain Lion

For those who do not have much idea about laws and laws of different countries is difficult to understand certain our emerging news about Apple and its legal battles against different companies.

We already know that Samsung has added to the patent infringement lawsuits against Apple's new devices of the Cupertino company : the iPad mini, iPod touch and fourth-generation iPad, claiming that these new devices also violate its patents. In addition, we have heard rumors that Google could do the same thing through Motorola Mobility (company that search giant bought a few months ago).

Google wants to see the source code for iOS 6 and Mountain Lion

And now the company's Mountain View (Google), claims that Apple has not shown the source code of iOS and Mac OS X June Mountain Lion. I really do not understand the reason that Apple has to authorize a third company to see its source code. It is not open source software and a third company (also competing) should not be allowed to examine the source code, and the company could use it without permission or find and exploit security flaws more easily.

Anyway, seems revealed that both Samsung and Google will now direct attack on Apple iOS devices. It seems that both companies have allied to fight Apple, after all, Google and Samsung helped silently in the legal fight that Apple had with Samsung in the U.S. and eventually won the Cupertino company.

balancin google apple Google se queja de que Apple no le ha mostrado el código de iOS 6 y de Mountain Lion

It is also worth mentioning that The Korea Times, mentioned in last July that Google and Samsung were working closely together to create a common front against Apple's legal offensive. The two companies have a lot at stake and one complements the other in the business of mobile devices, so it is somewhat normal for one to fight "the enemy to beat"

What will happen to this legal battle? Who will be victorious?

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