Thursday, November 15, 2012

Get the most from iOS Safari

We all know Safari, Apple's browser that comes standard on all your devices. Many may already know how all the possibilities it offers in its version for iOS, but just in case, you have some indications for which you may take advantage.

Browsing History, full screen, download files, upload pictures ... are some of the possibilities offered, so we are going to explain to you one by one.

Browsing History: To access the browsing history of a tab, which will display all the pages you have browsed why, you just have to hold down the arrow to the left (or right) for a list of all of them. Clicking on any of the links will take you directly to the page in question.

Full Screen: If you place your device in a horizontal position, a new icon appears in the bottom bar (right around). This button will allow you to navigate to display competence. To return to normal mode you only have to press the button again floating.

File Download: To download files that you may know how we link directly to the post where I explain in detail: download files from iOS Safari .

Uploading Photos: Some websites allow us to upload files from our device. Something as common in a computer, has not been able to do in iOS to the latest versions. Desgraciadametne has a limitation, which is that as iOS does not have a "folder" where you save all files in the system, we can only access the folder of photos and videos, so for example if you have a blog, you can directly upload photos or videos. You only will have to proceed as normal as if you were doing on your computer.

Offline Reading List: another new iOS in its latest version, is the ability to save web pages for viewing when you have no connection, ideal for areas without coverage. To make use of it, just have to upload the site we want (online), press the "Options" on the bottom bar and select "Add to reading list". Once you download the page, just have to use the book-shaped button on the bottom and access Reading List.

Reader mode: The "Reader" Safari allows us to read articles from web pages without the hassles that usually have added pages, such as links, menus, fine print or advertising. To access it, just have to press the button that appears in Reader compatible pages in the address bar.

Eyelashes iCloud: With iCloud, we share open tabs in Safari with other compatible devices with either iOS or Mountain Lion. The access way is simply to use the iCloud button that appears at the top of the browser.

Private Browsing: If what you want is to browse without leaving traces on your device, it is best option activéis offering Safari Private Browsing. To do this you have to go to Settings / Safari and there you will find the option. This menera not keep record of the websites you visit, no, passwords, etc..

Search default: As you know, Google is the default search engine in Safari, although this can be changed if you have other preferences. The options are not many, but at least there are two more: Yahoo! or Bing. To do this, you must go to Settings / Safari / Finder and select the one you like.

Enable Autofill Forms: As happens in any computer browser from Safari can activate Autofill option to avoid having to enter all data forms that flood blessed thousands of websites. To do this, go to Settings / Safari / AutoFill you can turn to names and passwords and select our data on the agenda for further automate the process.

Add direct access to websites from the desktop: In this post I will explain how to add shortcuts to your web pages on the desktop: add shortcuts of your favorite pages to your Springboard .

Add favorite web pages: If you are the websites that you visit many of assiduously (as ... ;) ), But add an icon on the springboard you can have a list of favorites, arranged by folders. To do this, you only have to load the page you please add, press enter options (bottom center button) and use the Bookmark option. From there you can add the title, URL and target Favorites folder (you can add as many ye to have it better organized).

We hope you have found useful these "tricks" and, of course, if you know any that we have left will be happy to read it in the comments.

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