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Full Review of iPad Mini

ipad mini blanco1 Análisis Completo del iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is the latest device to be added to the catalog of Apple. Hit the market on Friday and already many people have been able to buy.

The iPad Mini is much more interesting result than initially expected. It is a tablet really well built and designed from the ground up.

Quality materials, excellence in design makes this new iPad Mini lives up to their "cousins" in the Apple catalog. Since Apple announced the tablet, the network is flooded with reviews on it. The main ones are:

  • 1024 × 768 pixels resolution Retina display instead.
  • Same processor as the iPad 2: A5.
  • Size somewhere between a tablet and a smartphone.

From iPaditalia, and after 24 hours of testing with an iPad Mini, have created an interesting analysis which pour their first impressions of the device after a few hours of use.

Mini iPad Design

Apple has selected premium materials for device fabrication. They really are top quality materials, the same as used in the iPhone 5.

The rear, available in two colors: black and white, gives elegance to the device itself. Despite the small thickness (7.2 mm) and a weight of just 308 grams, the iPad Mini is compact and robust.

ipad mini lapiz Análisis Completo del iPad Mini

The tablet size allows us to easily carry in a jacket pocket or in virtually any bag. In addition, its dimensions allow it to hold with one hand, something to consider for a device that is designed to carry around.

Some say it is not a tablet or a smartphone. It really is a mini tablet: big enough to be used easily and small enough to carry anywhere.

The exact dimensions of the new iPad Mini is 134.7 mm wide and 200mm high. Mini iPad screen is 7.9 inches and retains the same screen resolution as the iPad 2 (1024 × 768), although the screen is actually much sharper. The reason is very simple: the screen takes the same amount of pixels, but being smaller they are more compressed.

dimensiones ipad mini Análisis Completo del iPad Mini


The iPad Mini mounted two cameras, a 5 megapixel rear able to take pictures and videos to 1080p Full HD and one in the front with the possibility of video at 720p.

This latter feature has also other devices mounted to newcomers Apple catalog: ie the iPhone 5 and iPad 4 (fourth generation).

Tests with different cameras devices give some really interesting results. The results of three device are similar, although it is true that in the case of the iPad Camera Mini seems that the result is a color tone "hotter" than the iPhone 5, due to the smaller sensor.

comparativa camaras exterior Análisis Completo del iPad Mini

comparativa camaras interior Análisis Completo del iPad Mini

foto ipad mini iphone5 Análisis Completo del iPad Mini

As Apple itself notes, the photo quality is given by many factors. Among them are the camera lens, the image processor and software. The new chamber has a maximum aperture stop f / 2.4) and five lens elements.

These features contribute to capture the light in an optimum manner, and which also aid has a filter for blocking IR hybrid infrared rays, which ensures more accurate and uniform color.

camara ipad mini Análisis Completo del iPad Mini

Video recording is outstanding as you can see in this video that has been captured at 1080p and edited entirely from iMovie for iOS.


The iPad Mini, like the large version of the iPad (iPad 3 and iPad 4) have the Apple digital assistant. Siri is available in the new tablet in Spanish, so we have no excuse not to take advantage.

A5 Processor

The iPad Mini mounted a processor that has puzzled many users. Specifically, Apple has opted for the A5, the same processor that sat the second generation iPad. On the one hand it is undeniable that this chip does not have the latest technology in terms of processor development. But on the other hand it should be noted that by not carrying a Retina display does not require as much power as the models do include a display of this type.

ipad mini juego Análisis Completo del iPad Mini

Early tests show that the iPad Mini behaves perfectly in situations requiring high power graphics. Tridimensaionales applications (such as games), Full HD video editing and more. The iPad Mini is able to do so without suffering the slightest slow-down.


After 24 hours of intensive device iPaditalia concludes that the iPad Mini is a product that buyers will enjoy the most, and you really are not going to be disappointed by it.

Yet recommend testing the device before buying it, as it will be the best way to sure that the device is adapted to what we are looking for.

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