Friday, November 9, 2012

Foxconn may open factories in the U.S.

foxconn Foxconn podría abrir fábricas en EEUU

In the U.S. has started a heated debate about how the U.S. could again make factories marks returning country to settle in their territory. This would make thousands necesitasen factories to make the products again and reactivate the economy and make a significantly lowered the numbers of unemployed.

Apple is one of the companies that appear on this debate, which currently sells 50 million devices every quarter and every one are made outside the country. It now appears that this may change in the not too long, because according to some reports, Foxconn is looking for places to build its first factory in the U.S..

The Asian giant Foxconn might be looking for locations to open factories in the U.S.

According to DigiTimes Asian publication:

"Foxconn Electronics (Hon There Precision Industry) reportedly is planning to set up its first manufacturing plant in EUU and is conducting assessments in cities like Detroit and Los Angeles as reported by market observers. Observers say that these factories would focus especially in the production of LCD TVs, since the manufacturing process is simpler (and automated) and allow other plants to focus more efforts on the production of Apple products that are more complicated " .

As we know, rumors emerged from DigiTimes are not always accurate, but the CEO of the company has also shown some interest in the U.S.:

"The Foxconn chairman Terry Guo, a recent public event, said the company is planning a training program for U.S. engineers. The Taiwan or China will participate in the processes of product design and manufacturing. "

fabrica foxconn Foxconn podría abrir fábricas en EEUU

The report explains that the program would focus on providing an enabling engineers to learn Chinese, eperiencia firsthand training in manufacturing and utility. It is even said that Foxconn is in talks with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to help plan the curriculum.

Based on these data, it appears that at first would not be thinking Foxconn to manufacture Apple iDevice in the U.S., but maybe in the future they can start doing something. Still, certain that the road is long, because U.S. laws are much more difficult than those of China with respect to the terms and conditions.

We will have to see how this develops, but Foxconn certainly begin to set up factories in the U.S. could be good news for people who are unemployed, although it could also be that price is passed on to the final products.

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