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Five possible improvements for iOS 7

Gradually iOS has evolved into an operating system better and more complete, but still, there are certain aspects that could improve and make it into something much more useful.

Many users have been demanding a series of improvements for some time and we also have our requests for improvements Apple What we like to see in iOS 7 ?

Sync push notifications

centro notificaciones ios Cinco posibles mejoras para iOS 7

The arrival of iOS Notification Center and later OS X was great news. A place to collect push notifications sent to us and you can review applications easily. Before accumulated notifications shaped balloons on the iPhone or iPad and many times it was not easy to follow.

With Notification Center this is over and it is now possible to follow the notifications without major problems, but could still improve a lot. To begin, we would like to see a synchronization system push notifications. It is extremely annoying, when you delete a notification (either with the button Notifications Center or directly from the application that generated it) on the iPhone and the iPad is still active on your Mac or Apple could use iCloud to sync, and that once they are seen on a device not listed in the other.

Lock Screen

pantalla bloqueo windows phone Cinco posibles mejoras para iOS 7

The iOS lock screen has hardly changed since it was introduced in 2007 with the original iPhone. Since then, changes have been minimal and could summarize in: quick access to the camera, notifications cumulative and possibility of answering a call with other options.

Windows Phone 8 has shown that a lock screen that shows a lot more information and follows a minimalist design is possible and perhaps Apple should take note of the possible best I could do to block the iOS screen based on some new Windows Phone 8 .

In addition, the widgets that are already available in the Notifications Center could also be applied to this lock screen or even could open the tap so that developers could make their own.

File management

This is something that many users are claiming almost since the launch of the first iPhone and it seems unlikely that Apple do something.

The company has taken steps quite large thanks to iCloud and the possibility of starting a document on a Mac and continue it on an iPhone or iPad, but at the moment this only applies to applications that have versions for iOS and OS X. That is, we can start a document in Pages for Mac and iOS continue it, but we can not open that document in Word for Mac if stored only in iCloud.

Apple would have to facilitate this kind of thing and to do the simplest thing would be to resort to the typical folder system or a storage area devices that allow saving files as is, as we would on any computer (mobile operating systems in the competition).

To many people this seems basic, others think that this would end (in part) with the simplicity of iOS Maybe Apple could find some kind of middle ground?

User Accounts

usuarios android Cinco posibles mejoras para iOS 7

Undoubtedly one of the features that are demanded of iPad users. On the iPhone this feature also might make sense, but the smartphone is a more personal product. A usual iPad instead be shared between several people in the family and the possibility of using user accounts make things easier.

Different social networking accounts, email accounts totally independent, different applications, different music, different photos ... Come on, allowing us to make user accounts on a Mac or PC, but applied to a device like the iPad.

User Interface

springboard ios Cinco posibles mejoras para iOS 7

The user interface of iOS has barely changed since it opened in 2007. Many users are starting to complain that the continuity in the design of it begins to tire and that Apple should give it a twist.

It may not be unreasonable to think that iOS 7 includes changes in this regard. Fortstall Scott is no longer responsible for designing iOS. The new head is Jony Ive, the culprit of every hardware designs of Apple products and now also the graphical interface.

Will he be able to Jony an interesting change in the future generation of iOS? Be worthwhile? These possible changes?

Of course, these are some changes that users have been asking for some time and it only takes a look at social networks like Twitter to realize that some are losing interest in iOS due, in part, the Android has breakthrough in recent years and the apparent stagnation Apple iOS Is able to keep up? We are already looking forward to the time of announcing the news of iOS 7.

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