Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First data from Microsoft Office for iOS

This morning, some important information for the future of iOS has been circulating on the net. This is a first for The Verge, the digital publication that has brought us so many rumors throughout the year regarding Apple products and services.

This time, it is the secret version of Office Mobile, a Microsoft would come to fill the niche of mobile office suites. It's supposed to hit iOS and Android in early 2013, as polish and thoroughly test its capabilities. Yes, the versions of iPhone and iPad would arrive before the others.

office para ios 1 529x350 Primeros datos de Microsoft Office para iOS

Apparently, include a document viewer for free, but we do require a Microsoft. With this, we can also edit your files, but with limited functionality. To unleash its full potential, it will take more.

It goes without saying that this will be a disappointment to many users, who may not like having to register. We also have to see what requirements put to edit a document in full. Rumored to be paying for an Office 360, the online payment service Microsoft.

office para ios 2 Primeros datos de Microsoft Office para iOS

There are certainly great alternatives in the App Store and the Android Market to satisfy our need to edit Office files. Apple itself has its fantastic Pages, Numbers and Keynote available for a reasonable price. However, you will agree with me that there is nothing like the native support of our official application files.

We fear that, in any case, the most complex files can not be edited from the comfort of Office Mobile. We hope to learn more about this long-awaited mobile version of the office suite is famous worldwide.

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