Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Facebook is updated with integrated chat and filters to our photos

The official app for iOS from the well known social network was recently upgraded to version 5.1, including some very interesting improvements.

The first is the improvement in the integration of chats. If until now we used Facebook Messenger , now we integrated the courier directly in the app, and can access it by sliding the screen from right to left.

In this way, we show our contacts to start a conversation, which could change the order in which they are adding a custom list with those people with whom we communicate more, so we can begin to write without having to search.

Moreover, we can now upload multiple photos at once by selecting them from our reel. Purchasing Instagram by Facebook are starting to see in this version, because we can apply filters directly to our images.

It seems that the application has some issues affecting some users like quitting, failure to update the Timeline or upload images. We have downloaded the app and with normal use we have not noticed any anomalies.

If you want to try the new menu is improved updates from the App Store. If you accuse a problem, will soon publish a new update.


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