Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Facebook encourages its employees to switch to Android

android faceb Facebook anima a sus empleados a pasarse a Android

Although in the past Facebook urge workers to opt for Apple products, the policies of the social network are increasingly close to major competitor of Apple: Android. These days you can see at the headquarters of Facebook, posters of all kinds that promote Android versus iPhone platform. In addition, it offers personal assistance to stakeholders so they can make the switch from iOS to Android.

The purpose of this campaign is to improve the Facebook application for Android devices, which has multiple errors and slow loading. Indeed, the development team has been more focused in recent months to reprogram all the code of the application for iOS devices, which was also quite poor and sinned the same mistakes.

The poster who heads the news we see a graphic that highlights the growth of Android over the iPhone in the coming years. But anyone taking a deception, it is clear that in the market there is more variety of models of smartphones and tablets that are Android installed.

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Source- CNET

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