Thursday, November 22, 2012

Facebook could unify their profiles with Instagram

instagram logo FaceBook podría unificar sus perfiles con los de Instagram

Instagram started doing some time as a photography social network for iPhone users. Later the company also launched its application for Android devices and shortly thereafter announced that Facebook had purchased the company.

Instagram could unify and FaceBook profiles

Since then, changes have been occurring rapidly and the highlight of the past week is the arrival of the Web profiles Instagram users.

When buying Instagram announced by Facebook is talked about the possibility that the two social networks will eventually become one. Thus FaceBook would pull out before the increased competition on the theme of sharing photos. Finally this has not been the case and the actual Mark Zuckerberg (founder and CEO of Facebook) commented that this would not happen.

Now it's starting to talk about a possible integration of both social networking profiles. There is talk that they become a single network, but that both networks can share synergies.

We are talking about the possibility of creating unified user profiles. Profiles that combine both FaceBook information like Instagram, but that would allow the two social networks operate independently. Something similar to what Google is doing with their user accounts. User accounts that can be used in all services of the company.

perfil web instagram FaceBook podría unificar sus perfiles con los de Instagram

This would allow FaceBook grow faster and allow users to use the new services without registering again.

Of course, Facebook must be well thought such actions, since users may encounter problems with data privacy and others if just confirming finally a movement of this style. Should also be seen as the process of unification of accounts and if you really have a division between content uploaded to Instagram and uploaded to FaceBook.

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