Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FaceBook begins selling iTunes gift cards

tarjetas regalo itunes facebook FaceBook comienza a vender tarjetas regalo de iTunes

It seems that relations between Facebook and Apple are narrowing every day and after Facebook has been integrated to some extent, in iOS and Mac OS X, now comes a new story of interaction between the two companies.

You can send iTunes gift cards FaceBook

Both companies have agreed to allow Facebook users to give to their social network contacts in iTunes gift cards. That is, can shop directly on FaceBook and send digital card to the friend that they want without having to leave the social network.

Surprisingly, Apple has agreed to waive a portion of the revenue from gift cards to do this together with FaceBook. We assume they expect the alliance will allow greater visibility and the possibility of increasing the number of cards sold, bringing the total revenue would be higher still being commissioned to check FaceBook and Apple pay the agreed amount.

The business of iTunes gift cards reports to Apple about 2,000 million euros, and in the case of gifts cards FaceBook are available 10, 15, 25 and 50 dollars. A few months ago FaceBook already partnered with companies like Hulu, Pandora and Rdio to sell their services through the social network, but for now unknown economic performance of this agreement in order to compare the results

Since then the union of the two companies to sell gift cards through the social network can be very productive for both, but otherwise would have to know the number of people who actually uses FaceBook to buy gifts to send to friends. Do you know someone who once did? I never have nor know anyone who send gifts via FaceBook, but if the company continues to reach such an agreement certain that the market is bigger than we can imagine .

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