Monday, November 19, 2012

Eddy Cue Does Apple strongman?

eddy cue 2 Eddy Cue ¿El hombre fuerte de Apple?

Eddy Cue, a manager may not be as well known as Apple's Jony Ive or Scott Forstall, but it seems that after the dismissal of the latter , Eddy has passed the background of the very first and it seems that in the coming years will still be there.

For all we know, Scott Forstall was fired from Apple by making two big mistakes: Siri and Apple Maps. Not that the applications themselves are errors, but these errors are not functioning properly. In addition, says Forstall was unable to sit and talk to Ive, one of the most important directors of Apple and author of each and every one of the designs (hardware far) of Apple products for quite a few years .

Eddy Cue is positioning Apple as strongman

Tim Cook wanted the new head of these projects is himself Eddy Cue. It makes some sense because so far he was responsible for the Internet services company and these applications have some relationship with the Internet. Still, could have been Craig Federighi which assume control of these applications, since they are part of iOS and he is the new head of the operating system.

Last week, we learned also that Eddy Cue has joined the board of the Ferrari and that was after a brief conversation between Luca di Montezemolo and Tim Cook. What makes us think that Tim has gone through the roof before the boss of the Italian supercar brand.

Besides all this, Eddy Cue is reputed to know very well manage groups of people and make their subordinates trust him.

eddy cue Eddy Cue ¿El hombre fuerte de Apple?

All this combined, we seem to mean something. It seems that Eddy Cue is one of the people that Tim Cook has more confidence and this makes it a fundamental part of Apple. Furthermore, we feel that the work is tremendously well worth Eddy because it has been assigned to end the problems in two applications that have undermined the reputation of Apple in recent years: Siri and Apple Maps.

Will the Eddy height? Will it solve the problems with these applications and convert them into something more interesting? In the coming months we should start seeing responses and outcomes.

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