Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ecopack UNU, the new housing-battery for iPhone 5

Until today, had not yet been put up for sale any battery that fit the size of the iPhone 5 to be fully portable and practical. Yes there was, however, for the iPhone 4/4S, although opinions were not overly positive and not be judged by aesthetic too. So now Ecopack launches its new housing-battery for the new iPhone 5 correcting his previous error.

In case you had not heard of it, it is a 2500 mAh external battery iPhone shaped to fit the device with a housing of the same firm (which protects the phone) for the rear. Includes one loads extremely fine and short, so the result is a very sneaky and battery completely comfortable to carry.

Charge mode is: put the housing on the device, adjust the battery and connect the battery casing-casing at (charging time equal to the duration of phone charging when loaded normally with the dock) . Finally, once fully charged the device, you can remove the battery and protective case, or only the battery and keep the housing.

The battery (without the casing) is compatible with other Apple devices like the iPad or iPad mini, and even with some of Samsung as Samsung Galaxy Note, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or the Samsung Galaxy S III. One can only add that you can book online on page My Unu (available in various colors) and which goes on sale on November 7.

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