Sunday, November 11, 2012

Drive the iPad with KOLOS, the first wheel of games for iPad

Today we woke to the news of the launch of the first wheel of games for iPad. For now, this is only a project IndieGoGo, so it needs to complete its financing going on sale really.

There is evidence that one of the features to which we took advantage of the iPad is more than playing. And, therefore, have decided to publish its draft first wheel of games for iPad, to help us track the movement and relax your arms.

The wheel consists of two parts: the base (Foil) and ring (made of rubber and with a price of $ 50 €). These parts are independent, since the steering wheel can be used with both or only the ring, so the whole package is priced at $ 85. Personally recommend purchasing both (in case you are really interested) provided make the most since, but the great advantage perderíais flywheel, which is not having the need to hold it. But, obviously, is only an opinion and the price is not particularly cheap considering it's just a "dock" ...

The accessory allows you to use the iPad with Airplay and Apple TV, and certainly seems quite convenient to use it in car games, but knowing that we can find much cheaper fixed docks, not much sense for other games.

And you what do you think?


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