Friday, November 30, 2012

Doors & Rooms: a new escape game in the App Store

Doors & Rooms is a game like 100 Floors , dooors or 100 Exits , in which we will have to get the doors open we are to escape each level in the different rooms. To do so, we must give the coconut and set ourselves well in all details and objects on the screen, finding out and finding passwords combining objects.

Doors amp Room 2

Of course, when we started the thing will be easy, but we will find as we move forward with new challenges that will make us even replayed previous screens to look at details that had been overlooked.

Doors amp Rooms 1 Doors amp Rooms 3

The game is free and has several chapters with different screens, some free and some unlockable by coins will give us during the game or directly buying packs of coins to unlock them directly.

It is universal and will work on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The downside for owners of an iPhone 5 is that, for now, is not adapted to the screen.

Doors & Rooms

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