Thursday, November 1, 2012

Curiosity, the experiment of Peter Molyneux, will be available on November 7

Peter Molyneux, creator of several famous games like Populous, Black & White, Fable Theme Park or left the studio to go 22Cans Lionhead. His first project was codenamed "The Cube" and until recently hardly knew anything about him.

Now we know that this is an experiment with the name "Curiosity", in which we would get a big cube formed by many small cubes. The goal will be to discover what lies inside the large cube.

To do this we will have no need to go playing cubes to make them disappear. The issue is that it is a cooperative game, in which everyone who plays take sides, but only one can be the one to remove the last cube and can see inside the largest.

No doubt it is a curious "game" not yet know all the details, such as that incentive will go playing small cubes, but not long to find out, as the release date is confirmed: 7 November.

Of course curiosity may with us, so when we unload the new project to investigate the Molyneux genius.

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