Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Curiosisty, the "game" Peter Molyneux is now available on the App Store

As announced, the experiment of Peter Molyneux is now available. Under the name of " Curiosisty - What's inside the cube "a curious find" game ", in which we will have to uncovering small cubes forming a big cube.

The funny part is that while globally, which will only remove the last cube you get access to the inside and see what's (hopefully at least deign to record it for us to see the rest of us).

When we get into the game we will see a large black cube with greenery. Each of the green areas are the gaps are opening other users (at this rate in the experiment it is not over ...).

On the screen you will see a number of "combo" and one that we will win coins to buy upgrades and new features such as general statistics, new types of chisel, bombs or firecrackers. Although there are now many server errors and backfires quite Store.

As uncover the faces of large cube, glimpsing images are hidden, but it seems that there are several layers, so you have several images to the end ...

Course is free, and also universal, so you can test it on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

And you? You urge to participate and make the jam for a while? This is the first of 22 experiments Molyneux, so we have "strange things" for a while :)


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