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Controlling Siri: know the instructions and commands to perform almost anything with your voice assistant

You own an iPhone 4S or higher, a new iPad or iPad mini, enjoy all of your options, as a screen, its getting faster processor, an operating system very effective, both for its simplicity and for its potential but nevertheless , have a feature that while Apple has created to provide you with a lot of situations in your daily life, you're probably not getting their full potential or even you tried because you do not know very well "what to ask." That feature is the personal voice assistant: SIRI.

In today's post, since we want you to receive EsferaiPhone many of the options that the voice assistant can manage your phone for you, just asking questions and orders.

Let Siri knowledge divide into sections according to the different fields in which our assistant can work, from managing calendars to search for nearby restaurants, to a wide range of possibilities.

We begin by managing calendars. In this section, Siri can help organize both events, meetings or appointments, both from the point of view of creating them, and answering our questions about whether we have a meeting on a particular day, or as the rest coming day in this regard.

The following table shows the most orders and questions we can get to give Siri, obtaining an effective and immediate response, saving the need to write a word or even opening an application:

Another field in which Siri can help us is in the alarms and timers. In this sense we can ask from that set an alarm to wake up tomorrow, until you start the timer for us. A complete list of the commands you can give is:

If one of the most performed throughout the day is to send and check our emails, Siri will be of great help, because of course we'll save writing a quick email, a reply or access to our inbox just checking incoming mail. Thus, we can give instructions to Siri in the email are:

Using geolocation and the application " Find My Friends ", Siri can tell us where to find those who have registered, showing its location on the map in seconds. So much so, we can ask:

With the new Maps application, Apple wanted to integrate the whole process, both localization and navigation under his tutelage. Siri gives us the option to intervene in this symbiosis, facilitating the resolution of search instructions both establishments, as directions to a particular location. For example:

Siri not only can help us write e-mails, but we may also ask you compose messages for us. In this sense, both to write and answer, there understands instructions, such as:

Also in the world of music Siri has great knowledge, so our voice assistant will have no problems when it comes to satisfy our musical tastes, whether to play our favorite song, like to offer a list of songs or artist group we want to hear at the time, bearing in mind that we will also be able to ask you to play one of our lists saved. Here we can give requests:

Another thing we can delegate to Siri, is all about the notes and reminders. Although, in this sense, the instructions are more limited, at any given time we can help:

In the phone function variants arising from it, Siri can also help us both to call a number that is not on our agenda, as we have scheduled contacts and their associated different phones, both called normal as FaceTime:

Moreover, at this point we can create a number of "shortcuts" to identify families in an easier and faster. For example, we indicate who is our bride to avoid having to say his full name: Call my girlfriend. The same can be done with mother, father, cousin, brother, grandfather, etc..

To do this, we just have to tell Siri to "X" (name of our agenda) is our "X" (relationship that is): "Nugget is my Mother Goose", "Pastor Henry is my brother", "Eduardo Mobile is my cousin. "

Financial markets are also competitive in terms of Siri give us information about companies and their market values. Questions like these are on our voice assistant still learning:

Undoubtedly, point of time is personally my favorite of all in which Siri is able to act for us. It gives us information about the current and future weather conditions for any location as well as predictions about specific questions that you do, in many cases, using ironic attitudes to give us the information. Here are many examples:

Completing the list of fields in which Siri has learned many commands to make us all easier, we provide a list in the field of web browsing using Safari for example Siri is capable of:

Finally, we can not ignore two aspects in which Siri will help us:

1. - Social networks, on which Siri can post for us, although limited to Facebook and Twitter, being the two networks that are built into the operating system of Apple. So, with commands like "Post to Facebook I'll eat at home a rich lasagna" or "Tweet I'm in line at the McDonalds with a crazy hungry", Siri will work for us, after confirmation from us.

2. - Siri integration with sports and sports results and information: In this field, Apple has an operating system integration with Yahoo and its database of major football leagues in the world and, of course, with almost all American sports. In this sense, ask Siri to any aspect of what Yahoo has registered in its database, it will show as a separate screen, perfectly detailed information required. Some examples are:

Remember that Siri is multilingual, so it is perfectly capable of recognizing multiple languages. Anyway, there are certain actions that we have not added the entry that the wizard will not be able to do in our country, such as buying movie tickets (even if you can show you the available movies in theaters if you ask what ;) ).

However, we hope that from now, you may know and have served for clarification about specific options that you can give your personal assistant, which will allow you in certain situations, facilitaros many things, saving steps in access to applications and, of course, various actions manual typing.

Feel free to give us your opinions and experiences with the use of Siri, even funny situations and responses that I have gone to use. Cheer up!

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