Saturday, November 17, 2012

Concept of Smart Cover for the iPhone 5

smart cover iphone5 Concepto de Smart Cover para el iPhone 5

While both the iPad and the iPad Mini have their own version of the Smart Cover, iPad resists this accessory. The Apple phone is much smaller and portable and cover such lacks sense, especially when not used as a support and hanging, bothering the user wearing it.

For iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S saw a Smart Cover concept that the designer Adrien Olczak also wanted to move the iPhone 5. We will not deny that is aesthetically pleasing and it feels great but today is unfeasible and make an accessory for iPhone.

As you know, the Smart Cover uses magnets to attach to the side of the device to activate or deactivate the screen when you open and close the cover. No iPhone yet incorporates magnets necessary for attraction exists, therefore, is not possible to make a smart cover like Apple. Maybe in the future ...

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