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Concept: As Ive could improve iOS notifications

notificacion ios reply Concepto: como Ive podría mejorar las notificaciones de iOS

Following the announcement of the dismissal of Scott Forstall and assigning new tasks to Jony Ive, everyone is waiting on what the industrial design genius Apple could do now that will take care of the user interface of Apple's software also hardware.

One of the sections where improvement is expected in the early warning system. Notifications Center was a good step, but since coming little has changed and many people are starting to complain that iOS is an operating system too continuity and has hardly changed in recent years.

We do not know that I've made ​​with the user interface, but it is very possible that iOS 7 and Mac OS X 10.9 incorporates new elements to the interface elements or rather reduced and simplified, since Ive loves extreme minimalism. Let's wait a while and see that he is able, but in the meantime we can entertain ourselves with the concepts that make fans. Many of these concepts are interesting, as might be the case at hand.

Directly from the forums of The Verge, comes a concept of improving iOS notifications or alerts.

notificacion ios tira Concepto: como Ive podría mejorar las notificaciones de iOS

The first idea that this person has had is that the strips, those alerts that appear at the top of the screen and disappear after a few seconds, could improve simply adding an action button. For example, the button in the case of Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Mail or applications which may require the input text could display a menu similar to FaceBook or Twitter update to directly send a message.

nueva notificacion globo Concepto: como Ive podría mejorar las notificaciones de iOS

Another idea that has had this person is to modify the alerts you need confirmation (authorization to access contacts, allowing use location, etc, etc. ..). Instead of showing the balloon boring and blue background, the idea of ​​this is to make the user interface that are currently open in two (something similar to what he does when we open a folder on Springboard) and show us here the notification, with the same background using Siri.

No doubt two very interesting ideas. We do not know if we'll see something like this in iOS 7, but of course it would not be unreasonable. Anyway we have to rely on Apple and its new restructuring. Maybe iOS 7 is much more than we expected at this time. Hopefully I've not disappoint us.

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