Thursday, November 29, 2012

China will soon overtake the U.S. as the country with most smartphones

paises smartphones China pronto adelantará a EEUU como el país con más smartphones

The mobile phone market in China is very powerful and in recent years has taken off beyond belief. The figures show that the countries most active iOS and Android devices there is in the U.S. and China.

Currently the U.S. is number one with 181 million units, but China is approaching a very high rate and at this time and is second with 167 million devices. Analysts believe that China could overtake the U.S. early next year, thanks to the spectacular growth of the Asian country.

The growth rate of the smartphone market in China is very high

According to Flurry Analytics, in China were activated 125 million Android and iOS devices since October of 2011, a figure incredibly high and far from the 55 million U.S..

The growth rate of the market for iOS and Android devices in China is 293% between October 2011 and October 2012. Comparing countries where the smartphone market has grown over the past year even find the U.S., but we see other countries like Vietnam, Colombia, Chile, Ukraine and Venezuela. It seems the U.S. smartphone market is already saturated and growth is now much slower than in other countries where this market is less developed.

tasa crecimiento smartphone China pronto adelantará a EEUU como el país con más smartphones

In the study by Flurry Analytics you can see how the U.S. market is becoming less important for manufacturers and international markets and developing countries are increasingly important. The tremendous growth in China is the most logical explanation of the great flood of manufacturers who want to sell their smartphones in China.

In the case of Europe, the figures are much lower. For example, in the UK there are 35 million active devices, in Germany 22 million and 19 million in France. All these countries have developed economies, but the number of inhabitants is much lower than in China or the U.S. so it seems logical that the number is much lower.

It seems that the business of consumer electronics. Before countries like the U.S. were the ones generating the most revenue for the manufacturers, but currently the main market are different. In Apple's case, for example, China is one of its most profitable markets.

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