Friday, November 9, 2012

Borderlands Legends, the iOS version of the famous saga is already in the App Store

2K Games announced a version of its famous iOS Borderlands saga. This game, with the name of Borderlands Legends, is now available in a few days for both iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad and we could try it.

As announced by publishing the press release , this version maintains the goal of killing every enemy that we are on Pandora, but does so in a different way. Now it's a game of surges style strategy game rather than a first person shooter.

We control the four players at once, each with its own characteristics, weapons and powers, so we have to go moving around the stage to make use of their skills in the best way possible. Attack, heal, regenerate shields, plant turrets ... are some of the possibilities that give us character.

According eliminate enemies and fulfill quests, win money and experience points, which will allow us, first buying new and better weapons, and other new skills and powers.

The game has several negatives, beginning not adapted to the screen of the iPhone 5 (remedied in future updates) and language. Available only in English, while recognizing that not much will need to understand to play.

More troubling is his control, without being bad in general, there are times when it's a little chaotic, especially when the players are together and it's hard managing to move, attack, help ...

To finish we find the price factor, it is not the cheapest, which is aggravated to see that it is a universal application, so we have to decide whether to buy in the version for iPhone / iPod Touch or iPad.

Legends Borderlands | Borderlands Legends HD

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