Monday, November 26, 2012

Best Buy publishes a notice of the Apple devices

facetime santa Best Buy publica un anuncio sobre los dispositivos Apple

After watching the video that accompanies these lines seems to be quite clear that the retail chain Best Buy wants to increase its sales of Apple products in the U.S. this Christmas.

Best Buy make an announcement about Apple products

The retailer has created this funny ad, where we see a child trying different Apple devices and an employee saying you can do anything with Apple products, including talking directly with Santa Claus via FaceTime.

Best Buy is making a strong bid for Apple products. For example last week was selling the iPad 3 at a significant discount and it was also possible to purchase iTunes gift cards at 15% discount (for $ 75 could get you a gift card of $ 100).

Certainly the TV commercial attention. It may not be on par with other ads, but it certainly is a nice ad for the Christmas season.

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