Monday, November 5, 2012

Available user guide iPad Mini

ipad mini guia Disponible la guía de usuario del iPad Mini

For a long time Apple decided to stop delivering an instruction manual or user guide for each device sold. Devices are really quite simple to use, so at first it seems that a manual is not too necessary.

Still, the company is making available to the user manuals for their products digitally through their website. In the case of the iPad Mini this would not be any different and the manual is now available for all who need to download.

As you'll imagine users coming from another iOS device, you may not need this book at all, but perhaps users with an iOS device itself may first need to take a look at some sections of this manual.

The instruction manual covers Mini iPad things as simple as connecting to a WiFi network or install an application from the AppStore, but also includes more complex things like creating and using CalDAV accounts for the Calendar application.

The guide is available for free through Apple's own web or directly from this link to the Spanish version .

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