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As better manage attachments in iOS Mail 7

compartir iphone Como mejorar la gestión de archivos adjuntos de Mail en iOS 7

The first iPhone appeared in 2007. It's almost been over five years since its introduction, and even if the OS has advanced a lot, there are still some details that Apple should refine and improve to catch up. At that time, Apple took a lot of advantage to their competition, but they have time and today competition is more prepared than ever to compete against Apple. Android has improved a lot and today is a fairly powerful, but still sins of certain inconsistencies. Windows Phone for its part, takes less time on the market, but Microsoft is doing great duties.

One of the sections where the operating system of the iPhone and the iPad, iOS, has not improved enough is in managing email through the Mail application, and perhaps more point where sin is sending attachments email.

How iOS manages the email attachments?

Email an attachment is a fairly usual. Performing this task on a computer is simple and will take only a few seconds add the. For iOS things change and add a file is a task that can easily take several minutes if you need to add two files can become an impossible task.

With iOS 6, Apple upgraded the shipping of photos and videos, but only these files that are inside the operating system implementation photos. With a couple of clicks on the email editing window can attach files, but this is not true if the file is in another application.

adjuntar archivos io 6 Como mejorar la gestión de archivos adjuntos de Mail en iOS 7

For example, to attach a file in Pages or Keynote will need to access each application individually, click on the option to share and from there I want to say that email. At that time we will have to fill in the address field, subject and body of the message and click on send what about if we also add a file from another application? Well you can not do it directly.

iOS is an operating system very intuitive and simple, but in some ways makes common tasks such as sending an email is totally impossible. Definitely something that Apple should think about improving in iOS 7 , but want the competition will run over.

A possible solution to this problem would be share button Insert photo or video of the Mail application, were simply Insert File and clicking in a window he desplegase similar to share, where besides the Photos application appears, apareciesen other applications that store files on our device. In this way we could easily access files from different applications into a single document and could add more than one file, even if they were of different applications.

concepto adjuntar archivos ios 7 Como mejorar la gestión de archivos adjuntos de Mail en iOS 7

This would be a fairly simple solution. The integration into the operating system would not be very complicated and could take advantage of Apple interface has already designed and running. Anyway, the solution seems glib and surely not too much like Apple.

Another possible solution would be something that many users demand for a lot of time. They try to create a new application within iOS. A sort of file browser. Within this browser could have saved all your files and access them from any iOS application that allows working with files. Besides being useful in the case of email, we may also use it to, for example, put a new file to our Dropbox, which currently can not do. With this option it would be possible, since it would allow all applications that can manage files of your iPhone or iPad to access files from other applications.

concept gestor archivos ios 7 Como mejorar la gestión de archivos adjuntos de Mail en iOS 7

This solution also enables us to see in a much more simple all the files that are taking up space in our device and if necessary delete some to free the precious MB of memory on your iPhone or iPad. Moreover, so Apple could integrate features like AirDrop to share files between Mac and iOS devices or simply to allow sending files simply connect the device to a USB port.

Please Apple, integrates a function like this in iOS 7, all of us will thank you forever.

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