Monday, November 12, 2012

Apple would begin production in the iPhone 5S tests in December

iphone 5 Apple podría comenzar la producción en pruebas del iPhone 5S en diciembre

It is curious how the world of rumors about Apple products. In some give cause for thought, because it really is hard to think if what you are talking about would be good for Apple or not, but sometimes rumors have neither head nor tail.

In this case, I think this is a rumor of this type. And yet, the information could be a part of some, but probably not in full.

According to Chinese publication Commercial Time, Apple could be accelerating the process of certification of components for the future iPhone 5S. So far nothing would be nothing strange, since it is normal that a company like Apple to start working on the next generation of products shortly launch a new model, but what is a little surprising is that they also indicate that they could start Test production during the month of December.

Production in the iPhone 5S tests could begin in December

The publication claims that Apple may be thinking of starting a production of iPhone 5S in December and that this production would be between 50,000 and 100,000 units. At first it seems too big a production to be just a test and of course it's too early for that Apple is planning to launch a new terminal.

The iPhone 5 just takes a month in stores and now Apple is not able to produce enough units to meet demand, it would be completely illogical that the company wants to launch a new terminal so soon.

Commercial Times has not always accurately predicted, in fact failed more times than successful. For instance a few years ago, the publication commented that Apple was buying 9.7-inch screens to make their own netbook. It turned out that the company itself was buying this size screens, but not for a netbook, but that the product unveiled in 2010, the original iPad.

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