Friday, November 23, 2012

Apple Web Services, a pending

Do any of you regularly use web services Apple? We refer, mainly, to iCloud . You know, the synchronization system in Apple's cloud permitting sharing and automatically duplicate all our content in different apple devices.

The truth is that it has never worked quite right. Since the days of MobileMe until the recent incidents with intermittent falls Facetime and iMessage, is that a large part of the users wonder why Apple does not apply quality standards to their web services.

servicios web apple tarea Los servicios web de Apple, una tarea pendiente

While the problems of the masses infuriate iCloud, Apple seems not to realize that they no longer enough to make great products or devices that seem almost magical, but they also have to know how to handle skilfully the amount of data that your users will to hang on their web services.

Here are some examples of user complaints:

  • Apple can not update your online shop without shoot it down first.
  • A single set of Game Center is able to leave the entire system hung.
  • iTunes App Store and are based on Web technology early 90s.
  • The apps Find my Friends and Shared Photostream data continuously ask us, as if he saved quedasen.

There is talk of 500 million iOS devices and Mac connected to their data centers, a number that seems to be too much for what they had thought their engineers. However, we must say that this is something that has happened to much of the competition, with loud scandals like the collapse of the BlackBerry service for a couple of days.

servicios web apple tarea 2 531x350 Los servicios web de Apple, una tarea pendiente

What is clear is that the infrastructure that supports Web services Apple has fallen short. 99% of the time they work fine, but when they fall their consequences are often catastrophic.

Precisely this issue of falls is that Google, its main competitor, seems to handle much more ease. Not surprisingly, the company's world famous search engine takes years dimensioning and optimizing your network for this kind of thing does not happen.

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