Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Apple TV: the causes of the delay and how it could revolutionize the market

television de apple La televisión de Apple: las causas de su retraso y cómo podría revolucionar el mercado

These days have resurfaced strongly t he rumors about Apple TV. But we must recognize that analysts have failed on this occasion. At this time of year, as indicated last year, we should have a revolutionary new Apple TV. But it seems that the company has had to postpone his plans because it fails to close deals with major television operators in the United States.

The reason? The managers of the networks considered an abuse that Apple wants to stay at 30% of the profits made ​​by offering streaming content for each channel. Currently, that's the deal that Apple provides in other areas. For example, in the App Store, U.S. developers take 70% and the rest is for Apple.

How could revolutionize the TV market? In terms of design the TV would have an aluminum finish and not count on a frame, as they have more conventional televisions. The design is assimilated to the new iMac, but adapted to the living room of our homes.

Moreover, imagine that integrate an iSight camera for video calls (FaceTime) for free, which would imply integration with internet (the TV would not revolutionary at all if not count on internet connectivity). The camera would be of better quality than you have iOS devices, as it could recognize our gestures from either side of the room and activate to identify our presence or through voice commands. The latter would involve the use of Siri.

These are ideas developed through the tracks that Steve Jobs threw in his official biography, written by journalist Walter Isaacson.

Now, it seems that by 2013 we will have no official news of this new product in which the company works.

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