Thursday, November 29, 2012

Apple starts selling the iPhone 5 released in USA

Screen Shot 2012 11 29 at 10.47.33 PM Apple comienza a vender el iPhone 5 liberado en Estados Unidos

As it did last year with the launch of iPhone 4s in the U.S., Apple begins to market a month later the free model of its new smartphone. From tonight and you can book the iPhone 5 without contract through the official website of Apple in the country and prices remain with respect to previous years.

This is the breakdown:

  • 16 GB: $ 649
  • 32 GB: $ 749
  • 64 GB: $ 849

On this occasion, it is expected that the models are less demand free. And is that carriers like Verizon began selling the iPhone 5 release, but yes, with two-year contract. At least, this move allows you to use your phone with SIM cards from other countries without having to pay the $ 649 for one of the free ends offered by Apple.

Keep in mind also that this must be added to the base price of each state taxes. For example, in California, the terminal 16 GB increase to the $ 705.

More information- delivery times fall iPhone 5

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