Monday, November 5, 2012

Apple reserves enabled via web mini iPad soon

As happened last week with the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple had enabled (for the first time in Spain) service "Reserve and Collect" by which we could make a reservation to purchase the iPhone 5 and collected at the nearest Apple Store .

This service is currently is working in Spain and almost any buyer of the iPhone 5 has to use to buy one from any of the Apple Stores Spanish.

The iPad Mini has also been very well received in its first days of release. Today we have gone through the Apple Store Grand Plaza Shopping Centre 2 (Majadahonda) and we saw a sign at the entrance which informed us that there was no stock available for the new Apple tablet, as with the iPhone 5.

If we agree to this link to the Apple website, we also observe that use the "Reserve and Collect" with the iPad, but for now and as happened with the iPhone 5 in principle, the service is not available. Although it should not take long to become available.

We have seen that the iPad Mini has been very well received, and not only by the lack of availability but also for the good comments we see in social networks. Did ye think ye?

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